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Animal Welfare
List of Adoption Fees Effective June 19, 2013
Adoption fees
dogs and cats
one-half current market price
current market price or $300, whichever is greater
other animals
one-half current market price
One-half of all adoption fees underwrite the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Project which funds free dog and cat spays and neuters for pets owned by residents of The City of Oklahoma City, and for pets in the Animal Shelter. Dogs and cats will NOT be adopted through the Animal Shelter without first being spayed or neutered.

Special rates

A special reduced rate of $30 will be charged to adopt animals that meet any of the following criteria:

List of Impoundment Fees and Deposits effective April 27, 2007
impoundment, not in rabies observation
board and care per day, or fraction thereof
relinquishment fee for non-City residents
$10 per animal
relinquishment of litter (3 or more animals) fee for non-City residents $30 per litter
veterinary medical care
actual costs
euthanasia fee, per animal
dead animal disposal fee
responsible owner benefit for pet wearing rabies or owner ID tag $5 off impoundment fee for each tagged pet
Special Handling Fees
board and care per day for livestock in special handling areas (rabies observation and isolation)
rabies vaccination
vaccinations for DHLPP, DA2PP, FVRCP or Bordetella
each $15
rabies observation processing fee
microchipping law enforcement and disability service animal
microchipping pets belonging to the public $30
Livestock Fees
impoundment, per animal
return to enclosure
boarding, per day, including day of entry and reclaim
veterinary check, per animal on entry
$50 plus actual costs of medical care
livestock calls, 2 hrs or less
$100 minimum per officer up to two hours
chemical immobilization fee $50
loose bull or stallion
double fees for above categories
Fowl Fees
adoption fee
current market price
board and care
$23 per animal per week or any part of a week