Variance Program

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There may be circumstances when the Water Conservation Program watering schedules cannot be reasonably followed. For cases in which the watering limitation places undue hardship, account holders may request a variance to the watering program. Residents may also apply for a variance to move to a more restrictive stage (For example, during Stage 1, move to Stage 2)

To apply for a variance, download the respective application. If you're installing new sod or seed, please complete the Newly Installed Landscape Variance application form. Type information in the corresponding fields or write legibly. 

Return completed applications to:

Utilities Department Water Conservation Office

420 West Main, Suite 500

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

or email to:

Submission does not guarantee a variance. Processing time is about 15 business days. Applications for Existing In-ground Water Irrigation System variances may take longer. Variances will not be backdated or retroactive. For questions, call Utility Customer Service at 297-2833.

Variances will not be considered for

  •    Inconvenience such as scheduling conflicts with mowing days or personal preference
  •    Automatic irrigation controllers failing or incapable of being set to match mandatory watering schedules

Variance Request Forms 

WC-Newly installed landscape application(Including newly planted sod or seed)

Should a variance be issued, the following requirements apply:

  •    Newly installed landscape area must be greater than 250 square feet of contiguous land area
  •    Soil appropriately amended with compost and prepared to retain water to support plant survival to at least 2% organic matter
  •    City staff permitted access to property to check for compliance

Existing In-ground Water Irrigation System

Sample In-Ground Water Irrigation Schedule

Should a variance be issued, the following requirements apply:

  •  Variance applies to existing in-ground irrigation systems.  In-ground system must operate in compliance with all mandatory conservation stages and as stated in the variance
  •  Water consumption reduces by 10% in any one month, compared to same month in pre- variance year
  •  City staff permitted access to property to check for compliance
  •   If granted, variance posted at the permitted property in the approved location accessible to City enforcement personnel and general public