Bye Bye Little BlueImportant: Beginning June 1, the City will discontinue its "Little Blue" recycling program. We will suspend all recycling services for one month while new trucks are brought in, then start with the new every-other-week program in early July.

Little Blue Recycling 

With Little Blue, you can recycle household paper, glass bottles and jars, household plastics, plus foil and aluminum in an easy, convenient way. Just drop your clean recyclables loose into your Little Blue bin and place it an at the curb by 6 a.m. on the same day as your regular trash service.

There's no additional cost to recycle and recycling helps keep our landfills - and solid waste costs - low.

New! Large Cart Recycling 

Beginning in July, our recycling services will change. Here's what you need to know.


  • Now - May 31: Cart delivery to 195,000 households
  • June 1: "Little Blue" bin program discontinued
  • All recycling services will be suspended through the month of June.  
  • July: New recycling service begins. Pick-up will be every other week. We will notify customers of their new recycling dates in their water bill, via postcard and at

Cart Delivery

  • We'll let you know via postcard when your new cart will arrive. You can also look on our My Trash Day page to see when you can expect your new cart.
  • When your cart arrives, store it at the side or back of your house until the program starts in July. Crews will not empty the new carts if they are put at the curb before the new program start date. 

About your new cart

  • The new carts will be similar to the Big Blue cart except they will be green.
  • The new carts will hold up to 5x the amount of materials as the current Little Blue.
  • The new carts will have wheels and a lid, just like Big Blue.
  • Cart lids have directions showing customers what they can recycle.
  • Customers should use the carts for recyclable goods only. No household trash or yard waste.

New customers added to service

  • The City is adding more than new 7,200 customers to curbside recycling. The City will notify these residents when they expect their carts via direct mail and social media.

New service begins early July 

  • When the new service starts in July, pick-up days will remain consistent with residents' trash pick-up days, but will be every other week instead of weekly.
  • The City will notify customers through their water bill, postcards and on our website when their new recycling dates will begin.

Retiring Little Blue

  • When the new program starts, customers may keep "Little Blue” to re-purpose, or put it in the new large green cart, and we'll haul it away to recycle.
  • Customers who wish to return Little Blue need to place it in their new green cart and crews will pick it up.

Opt Out

While we'd like to encourage everyone to give recycling a try, we also recognize it's not for everyone. If you wish to opt out of our recycling program, please follow the instructions on our Opt Out page.