Congratulations to our 2016 H2Outstanding landscape award winners! The landscapes highlighted different ways to reduce water use and still have an attractive landscape.

Each applicant demonstrated their commitment to water conservation by applying the seven principles of a water smart landscape. 

  • 1st place: Keith Leafdale, $150 to Bob Scott Nursery
  • 2nd place: Steven LeGrand, $100 to Precure Nursery
  • 3rd place: Doris Wilkerson, $50 to Marcum's Nursery

All applicants for this year's award are commended for their hard work and dedication to help conserve Oklahoma City's water supply through proper landscape management and plant selection. 

The Oklahoma City Utilities Department thanks all of the applicants and invites residents to get ready for the third annual contest set for 2017. Create your own water wise landscape by applying these seven principles.

  • Appropriate planning and design
  • Soil improvement
  • Right plant, right place
  • Use of mulch
  • Efficient irrigation
  • Proper use of turfgrass
  • Landscape Maintenance 

Special thanks for expertise: Annie Napier, Oklahoma County Extension Educator, Joshua Campbell, Extension Associate and Brent Wall, LAUD Studio.